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This website has always included a Copyright message on the index page along with a watermarked Copyright notice on all images, however, following the unauthorised use for commercial gain by two charter operators, one TOC and a number of entertainment companies over the last 18 months I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to clarify the copyright terms of this website.

This website and all the content including photographs, design and artwork contained under the domains & are covered by International Copyright (Bern Convention), UK Copyright (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998), US and other international laws.

The copying, reproduction, use, manipulation of any photographic content, artwork or design for commercial gain or any other use (excluding viewing via web browser) is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent from the copyright holder Matthew Clarke.

Any person, company, organisation or group found to be using my material without my prior written consent to do so will be pursued via the legal system for fees, administrative costs and legal costs. A reproduction fee of £250 per image used will be charged.

If you are interested in using any of my images then please use the contact tab. For preservationists or anyone within the railway industry who are not for profit I will usually provide images free of charge, but you must have prior written consent to do so.

For any individuals, companies or any other group or organisation who are interested in using my images a fee can be negotiated, again via e-mail by using the contact link on the left. Images can be provided in high resolution format.

By downloading content from this website you agree to and are bound by these terms.

Text last updated: 10/10/08.