40145 - Winstanstow   55022 'Royal Scots Grey' passes Withington near Uttoxeter on the Stoke - Derby line with 5Z55 12:00 Warrington - Barrow Hill on 24th May 2010.

Bescot yard is home to a number of stored locomotives from various classes. This image, taken on 20/08/05 shows the line up of some of the Class 08 shunters, all in varying states of neglect. From the front Class numbers are 08543 in Departmental Gray, 08828 EWS, 08884 BR Blue with RfD markings, 08418 EWS, UID - EWS, 08528 Departmental Gray and 08742 in RES.

  1Q27 1229 Crewe C.S. - Derby RTC Network Rail New Measurment Train HST passes through Ansty on 10/02/10.
08780 - Crewe Crewe LNWR's resident shunter 08780 basks in the sun at Crewe DMD on April 7th
          A4 60019 'Bittern' heads away from Stratford on Avon with 'The Cathedrals Express' to Victoria.
        Crewe Basford Hall   A view of Crewe Basford Hall taken on 30th May 2006: AC Electrics 86613, 86607, 86632 stand aside 47841 & 66545.
          DVT 82303 + 67013 1P03 Wrexham - Marylebone. Banbury Stone Terminal. 23/05/09.
          NR test unit 950 001 is seen at Small Heath on 7th October 2010.
          142087 heads the 14:17 Manchester Piccadilly - Chester through Ashley on 30/04/11.
APT trailer 370 006 is seen at Crewe Heritage Centre on 18th August 2012. I never saw these in service as the project was pulled when I was an infant so this was the first time I had seen the train up close. The interior is better laid out and more spacious than the 'Pendolino's' that speed past it on the adjacent WCML. Although the interior is now a little tatty it was great to view and cab one of BR's most iconic trains, a shame the project wasn't seen through to success.
          D1015 passes Abbotswood with 'The Western Wessexman' tour running as 1Z52 Leicester - Weymouth on 7th Sept 2013.
          D9009 'Alycidon' heads through Droitwich Spa with UK Railtours 'The Golden Jubilee Pullman' running as 1Z56 18:11 Kidderminster SVR - London Victoria. 16/05/15.

73961 heads 1Q69 08:09 Dollands Moor - Tonbridge West Yard through Paddock Wood on 3rd December 2016. 73964 was on the rear.


With the Mersey Rail 507 & 508 units due to be completely replaced in the near future I spent Sunday 25th March photographing them. Not usually one for units but the Mersey railway system has always been of interest to me so I took the opportunity to record some of these 1970's/80's vintage EMU's before they all disappear.

Here 507 020 is seen heading out of Ainsdale with 2U24 11:28 Southport to Hunts Cross. 25th March 2018.