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    60099 & 60015 power through Norton with 6V69 Bescot - Newport ADJ China Clay empties on 21st May - I was at home sleeping off a bad prawn sandwich completely unaware of this move just 20 minutes prior to taking this so thanks to Ray C for the phone call on this one!

60063. 6B13 05:10 Robeston - Westerleigh Murco oil tanks. Churcham 01/05/13.

  60074 'Teenage Spirit' heads through Barrow Upon Trent with 6M00 1133 Humber Oil Refinery to Kingsbury Oil Sdgs on 02/05/13.
60020 passes through Barrow Upon Trent with 6E54 1034 Kingsbury - Humber Oil Refinery on 02/05/13.
          60017 6E47 13:28 Margam - Tees Yard steel. Defford 02/06/13.
          60092 arrives into Elford loop for its booked stop with 6M00 11:40 Humber - Kingsbury loaded oil on 11/07/13.
          60059 heads north through Elford with 6E59 15:41 Kingsbury - Lindsey OR empty oil on 13/07/13.
          60019 heads past the new M&S distribution centre at Castle Donington on 13/07/13 with 6E54 1034 Kingsbury - Humber Oil Refinery.
          60010 6F05 Tunstead - Oakleigh. Ashley 07/07/13.
          60007 heads through Castle Donnington with 6M00 11:40 Humber - Kingsbury loaded oil on 15/04/14.
          60059 passes Catholm with 6M57 07:15 Lindsey - Kingsbury loaded oil on 15/07/13.
          60087 passes thorugh Didcot with 6V62 Tilbury - Llanwern empty steel. 23/07/14.

60019 heads through Droitwich with 6M81 Margam - Round Oak loaded steel on 17th July 2014.

          60019 heads through Norton with 6V55 15:30 Bedworth - Robeston empty Murco tanks on 30th July 2014.
          60099 heads through Barton-Under-Needwood with 6M57 0717 LOR - Kingsbury oil on 21/04/15.
          60100 - 6E54 10:34 Kingsbury - Humber Oil Refinery. Barrow on Trent. 27/04/15.
          60100 tops 6M00 Humber - Kingsbury loaded oil tanks through Catholm on 24/04/15.
          60063 heads through Milton, Didcot with 6B33 13:30 Theale - Robeston Murco oil empties on 18th Feb 2015. Note the pilling that has taken place to the right of the loco as the GWML electrification progresses.
          60076 6V62 Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern Exchange. Diverted via the B&H due to engineering work on the GWML the 60 passes through Newbury Racecourse 16th May 2015.

DBS 60001 passes Sutton Bridge Junction on 11th June 2015 with 6V75 09:34 Dee Marsh - Margam empty steel.


          Colas Rail 60002 slows for its booked stop at Hereford at 18:35 on 23/06/15 with 6M51 14:24 Baglan Bay - Chirk loaded timber.
          Colas Rail 60002 heads through Leominster with 6M51 14:24 Baglan Bay - Chirk loaded timber on 23/06/15.
          60020 passes through Pilning with 6B33 11:25 Theale Murco to Robeston oil empties on 08/08/15.
          60002 passes Pilning working 6V62 Tilbury Riverside - Llanwern steel empties on 08/08/15.
          Colas Rail 60002 heads through Cheney-Longville with 6M51 14:24 Baglan Bay - Chirk loaded timber on 30/06/15.
          60021 heads 6E38 1354 Colnbrook - Lindsey tanks through Cossington on 12/08/15.
          60066 passes through Bourton on the GWML with 6B33 13:30 Theale - Robeston Murco tanks on 10/09/15.

60002 heads 60001 which had failed on the main at Burton earlier in the day with 6M57 07:15 Lindsey Oil Refinery to Kingsbury loaded oil tanks. Sun just off the concker but not everday the two first built 60’s are working the same train. 19th April 2016.

          60076 passes through Sonning Cutting with 6V62 10:44 Tilbruy Riverside - Llanwern steel on 15/04/15.
60074 heads over the Bishton Flyover working 6B13 Robeston to Westerleigh loaded oil on 18th Feb 2016.
60044 heads through Stenson with 6X01 10:17 Scunthorpe Trent T.C. to Eastleigh East Yard loaded rails on 19th April 2016.
    60019 powers through Didcot Parkway with 6B33 Theale - Robeston Murco bogie tanks on 18th Feb 2016. Electrification here is at an advanced stage with crossbars fully installed towards the east of the station where an HST is seen approaching.
    60039 passes through Coedkernew with 6B13 Robeston to Westerleigh on 5th May 16.
    60096 passes Souldrop with 6E38 13:54 Colnbrook - Lindsey empty oil tanks. 12th August 2016.
    60039 heads through Magor with 6B13 0500 Robeston - Westerleigh. 1st December 2017.
    60001 passes through Croome with 6V07 - Round Oak - Margam steel empties on 27th Feb 2018. First time in a good few years that I've photographed a 60 on this working
    60087 heads through Horbury cutting Wakefield with 6E32 08:55 Preston Docks to Lindsey Oil Refinery bitumen empties on 15th May 2018.
    60100 heads 6E54 10:34 Kingsbury - Humber Oil Refinery through Barrow on Trent. 7th Feb 2018.