59004 - Woolfhall   59004 with 6V67 10:38 Sevington - Merehead at Wolfhall. 06/05/08.
59101 - Crofton  

59101 passes through Crofton with 6A74 Westbury - Theale. 06/05/08.

59101 - Crofton   59101 with 6C74 13:15 Theale - Whatley at Wolfhall. 06/05/08.
59201 - Woolfhall# 59201 heads 6V67 12:38 Hither Green - Whatley Quarry through Wolfhall. 06/05/08.
        59202 - Woolfhall   59202 with 7C77 12:40 Acton - Merehead at Wolfhall. 06/05/08.
        59103_Fairwood_Junction   59103 'Village of Mells' passes Fairwood Junction with 7A17 - Merehead - Acton - Bow jumbo train on 16/10/08.
        59102 - Fairwood   59201 approaches Fairwood Junction with 7V16 Fareham - Whatley on 16/10/08.
          59206 & 59102 both under power with 7A17 Merehead - Acton at Great Cheverell.17/10/08
          59004 'Paul A Hammond' passes over Fairwood Junction (Westbury) with 7A17 10:31 Merehead Quarry - Acton TC loaded stone. 24/09/09.
          59202 'Vale of White Horse' heads 05:10 Robeston - Westerleigh Murco oil tanks through Wickwar on 4th October 2010. The full size image shows that the bodywork on this locomotive is in need of some attention, the locos orginal blue National Power paint scheme is visible on the roof and large patches of rust are visible around the cab windows.
  59104 heads 7C54 13:06 Oxford Banbury Road - Whatley stone empties through Uffington on 19th April 2011.
    59206 heads through Sonning Cutting with 7C77 12:40 Acton - Merehead Quarry on 22/04/15.
    59104 & 59203 head towards Hungerford with 7A09 07:12 Merehead Quarry to Acton ‘jumbo’ stone train on 16th Feb 2016.
    Aggregate Industries 59005 heads 6V18 11:20 Allington A.R.C. Sdg. to Whatley Quarry through Slough on 29th Sept, 2015.
    59203 heads through Sonning Cutting with 7C77 12:40 Acton - Merehead Quarry on 15/04/15.
    I didn't expect to still be taking photos around the Sonning area in 2016, much to my delight though there are still no poles let alone overhead wires on this stretch of the GWML... Just a few years behind schedule! And allowing me to fill in some blanks on shots/locations that I wanted to do and hadn't got chance to.

59001 - 7A09 07:12 Merehead Quarry to Acton. Sonning Cutting 4th May ’16.

Heading a few miles east for the return, Ruscombe still has no wires but the poles are evident in the background.

Rather gutted that the train loco got swapped from a ratable 59001 to a very much less than rateable 59203...

7C77 12:40 Acton - Merehead Quarry on 4th May 2016.

    59003 heads through Stenson with 6M83 1051 Tinsley Yard Gbrf to Bardon Hill Gbrf on 22nd September 2016.