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  47812 - Spetchley   On 9th September 2006 Pathfinder Tours ran an excursion from Cardiff to Liverpool Lime Street. The train ran as 1Z64 and was headed by Riviera Trains' two tone green 47812 to Bescot where a kettle took over. The working is pictured at Spetchley in Worcestershire passing at 07:46.
47847 - Bayston Hill   The morning mist has just lifted as large logo 47 847 'Brian Morrison/Railway World' leads through Bayston Hill with 1Z10 09:15 Crewe - Cardiff with 47843 attached to the rear. Riviera Trains provided traction for two Arriva Trains Wales 'Rugex' services on 19th November 2005, this being the second of the two.
47847 & 47815 at Stoke Prior   47847 again, this time double heading with 47815 for 'The Eternal City of York' charter from Minehead to York on 28th April 2007. The train had ran via Worcester Shrub Hill and is caught passing through Stoke Prior at 10:12 having just joined the mainline at Stoke Works Junction.
47805 & 47812 - Honeybourne The first run of the Cargo D BR blue & grey set is photographed at Honeybourne, shortly after departure from Long Marston on 8th March 2007, I was looking forward to seeing this train as although I remember mixed BR Blue & IC formations my memories of full Blue & Grey rakes are few and far between. Riviera's 47805 'Talisman' and 47812 where sent for the job; the destination being Crewe. The train is pictured here coasting up the branch from Long Marston.
        47805& 47812 - Honeybourne   As a result of a later than booked departure from Long Marston the train was held on the branch at Honeybourne to await a new path allowing for another shot at Honeybourne. The working ran as 5Z47 12:35 Long Marston - Crewe, the delayed departure meant the working didn't leave Honeybourne until around 16:00.
          47851 speeds through Bredicot with 1Z11 05:52 Nottingham to Minehead Statesman charter on 27th June 2015.
        47714 - Croome   Still wearing its Anglia livery 47714 passes through Croome on 10th October 2006 hauling 8 Mk III's from Long Marston to Laira. The stock included ex Virgin and Midland Mainline coaches some of which had been heavily vandalised with graffiti.
        47818 - Bromsgrove   Cotswold Rail's other Anglia liveried 'duff' 47818 in ' One' Anglia colour's passes through Bromsgrove with another Porterbrook coaching stock move on 26th April 2007. Running as 5B17 Derby - Long Marston the train was conveying a rake of ex Virgin West Coast MkIII's. The Porterbrook owned coaches had originated at Wilton where they, along with a large amount of other ex West Coast rakes were stored pending a move to Bosnia, a deal which fell through.
        47376 at Hailes   47376 'Freightliner 1995' passes through Hailes on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway with the 10:00 Winchcombe - Toddington during the lines Spring diesel gala on 1st April 2006.
        47826 at Eckington   On August 17th 2006 West Coast Railways ran an inspection saloon from London to Birmingham New Street via the world. 47826 'Springburn' took charge and is seen here passing through Eckington in Worcestershire. I had originally planned to photograph the working a few miles north from Eckington but a thunderstorm was in full swing with hail stones and all, the light held out just long enough at Eckington before the black cloud arrived.
        47854 - Bishopton   47854 heads the Green Express through Bishopton as it accelerates up the bank away from Stratford on Avon on 14th April 2007. The tour saw 47854 & 47851 work from Holyhead to Stratford and back.
          47851 heads 'The Bath & Salisbury Venturer' tour through Bromsgrove on 15th September. 57601 was dead on the rear. The tour ran from Wakefield to Salisbury as 1Z22.
        47810 - Spetchley  

47810 'Porterbrook' hauls a consist of four Class 87's to Gloucester Horton Road on 10th May 2006. The train ran as 0Z88 and is seen passing through Spetchley, the locomotives involved were 87025, 87021, 87030 & 87033.

        47810 - Water Orton   Nearly a year later on 6th March 2007 47810 is photographed again engaged in another stock move. The loco is in near EX Works condition having been given the Cotswold Rail treatment at Oxley just a few weeks before this shot and the loco had by now lost its 'Porterbrook' name in favour of 'Captain Sensible'. The working ran as 5Z86 Loughborough - Plymouth Laira conveying refurbished HST power car 43161 for FGW. Water Orton 12:56.
        47813_Croome   The movement of HST power cars to and from Landore or Laira to Brush Loughborough for reengineering and MTU engine fitment on behalf of First Great Western provided at least one return trip a week for a Cotswold Rail 47 during 2006. When this photo was taken the usual diagram was for a northbound stock move to Brush usually running in the morning and the return in the afternoon. Here 47813 'Joe Strummer' heads barrier coaches 1065 & 0563 with MTU fitted 43153 in tow as 5Z46 Brush - Landore pictured at Croome on 9th November 2006.
        47810 - Abbotswood   A moody sky and Bredon Hill provide the backdrop for 47810 heading north with a Bristol SPM - Brush Loughborough FGW power car move, one of the few shots I have of a power car en route for MTU fitment. The location is Abbotswood on 29/03/2007 at 16:35.
          The last of the power car shots... absolute last dregs of sun light sees 47703, a new acquisition for Cotswold Rail at the time head south with an overhauled 43179 in tow. Abbotswood 26/02/2007 16:49.
        47813_47828_Eckington   Cotswold Rail's 47828 'Joe Strummer' & 47813 'John Peel' top and tail the CR Mk III buffet coach over the River Avon at Eckington on the 21st August. The train had originated at Worcester Shrub Hill and was en route to Landore where the coach was to be used a barrier vehicle for a FGW HST move to Brush.
          Rail traffic to the former MoD site at Long Marston increased further in the later part of 2006 as a rail maintenance business started operating at the site. As a result a number of wagon moves started taking place. The first few trains to the site consisted of IZA's which were transported to Long Marston by Cotswold Rail, I understand that the wagons where having a number of modifications to enable them to carry car windscreens safely. In any event the traffic produced a welcome change from the Porterbrook coaching stock moves on the Cotswold line and provided the increasingly rare sight of class 47's powering freight trains. One of the first workings is photographed here on 1st November 2006 with 47813 'John Peel' in charge. The location is Lower Moor and the working ran as 6Z48 Long Marston - Gloucester although the trains final destination was Bescot.
        47828 Norton   47828 'Joe Strummer' heads a single TTA tank en route from Gloucester - Long Marston (6Z03). The location was Norton on 17th January 2007 13:07 Hrs. This was quite a lucky shot, there was a lot of cloud about and Network Rail had only cleared the area of overgrowth a few hours before my arrival, in fact contractors where still felling trees when the shot was taken.
        47813 - Honeybourne   47813 stands at Honeybourne awaiting departure time having just emerged from the Long Marston branch on a chilly winter afternoon as First Great Western 'Adelante' No. 180 110 passes by with an Oxford service. The 47 was hauling the long rake of IZA's to Bescot via Gloucester on Saturday 2nd December 2006.
        47810 - Norton Junction   47810 comes off the Cotswold Line at Norton Junction with the 16:00 Long Marston - Gloucester (6Z80) stock move conveying STVA open car carriers. The driver had just handed over the single line token when this shot was taken at 16:52 on 20/06/07.
          47145 'Myrddin Emrys' passes through Bromsgrove with 3Z03 Hams Hall - Long Marston on 29th November 2006. As could almost be expected with FM in charge the train was behind by around two hours and the cloudless sky over Bromsgrove had become covered in low cloud during the wait. The 'shed' in the background is at the rear of a Portbury coal train waiting to be banked up the Lickey.
        47853 - Abbotswood   47853 'Rail Express' heads Compass Tours 0559 Preston to Minehead (1Z41) through a misty Abbotswood on 14th April 2007.
        47853 - Lower Moor   On 23rd January 2007 Victa Railfrieght hired in XP64 liveried 47853 'Rail Express' for a number of stock moves the first of which is pictured here. The train comprised of redundant mark II coaches moving from Chaddesden to Long Marston. The working ran as 5Z59 and is seen here passing through Lower Moor at around 10:10 am.
        47853 - Lower Moor   The return working saw 47853 haul a rake of JXA wagons from LM to Chaddesden and was nailed again at Lower Moor at 14:45... 80 odd minutes late.
        47853 - Broad Marston   The following day (Jan 24th 07) 47853 ran light engine to Long Marston to collect another rake of JXA wagons. With few decent vantage points on the Cotswold line between Honeybourne and Worcester I headed to Long Marston to watch the shunt. The departure is photographed here at Broad Marston on the ex MOD branch between Long Marston and the mainline connection at Honeybourne. The train worked to Chaddesden as 6Z59 where the load of JXA's where paired with the previous days consignment for forwarding to Scunthorpe where the JXA's are to see further use as internal user wagons.
        47839 - Honeybourne  

Another Riviera Class 47 No. 47839 'PEGASUS' was used by Victa on 30th April 2007 to move a small rake of KAA container/wagon flats from Long Marston to Crewe Gresty Lane using the headcode 6Z66. The loco is seen joining the main at Honeybourne.

        47840 at Lea Marston   Having emerged from long running repairs which included re fitment of vacuum brake equipment 47840 'North Star' was in use with GBRf in March 2007. With its planned hand over from Porterbrook into preservation just weeks away the locomotive was rostered for a GBRf move from Derby Litchurch Lane to Plymouth Laira conveying a rake of overhauled MkIII's. The working ran as 5Z47 and is pictured here at Lea Marston on 6th March 2007.
47105 at Hailies During the 2006 Spring gala at the GWR 47105 passes Hailes with a freight working to Winchcombe on 1st April.
47815 heads past the site of the former Metal Box factory having just ran through the yard at Worcester Shrub Hill with 5V67 10:30 Cricklewood - Long Marston conveying two 319 units for store on 21st March 2017.
    47853 & 47790 pass through Banbury with 1Z67 Manchester Victoria to Bath Spa Northern Belle on 21/06/14.
    Another picture taken at Crewe, this time Basford Hall. 47303 'Freightliner Cleveland' and 47197 await their fate on 30th May 2006, these two were among the longest serving original FL Intermodal 47's. Both having only been stored months before this shot was taken.
  47805 - Croome   47805 heads through Croome with a Derby - Laira stock move (5Z91) on 4th February 2008. The loco was on hire to GBRf at the time and in place of the usual full rake of overhauled Mk III stock the consist on this occasion was a single Mk III sandwiched between a two barrier coaches.
  47237 - Great Cheverell   I never photographed 47237 under DRS ownership and didn't bag my first shot of it until some time into its new career with Advenza, the first shot was taken on 16th Feb 2008 at Great Cheverell on the Berks & Hants. The loco was powering 10:10 Laira - Old Oak Common (5Z70).
  47237 - Badgeworth   Less than a month later and I got two shots of 47237 on another stock move. This time 09:10 Gloucester - Long Marston (6Z45). The working was supposed to be conveying two class 37's that had recently been purchased by HNRC. In the event there was a problem with the brakes on 37704 and this was shunted out of the consist leaving faded ex Transrail 37898 and four ex Yeoman JTA wagons for break force. The train is pictured at Badgeworth running well over an hour late on 4th March 2008.
  47237 - Evesham   With over an hours layover time at Worcester Shrub Hill to allow for a runaround I headed to Evesham for another crack at 6Z45 on the Cotswold line. The train is seen slowing to exchange tokens at Evesham station at 12:37, now running just three minutes down on schedule.
  47703 - Croome   The last time I photographed 47703 on the mainline before it was sold for scrap, unfortunately I botched this shot, although in focus and in brilliant winter light I wasn't counting on the duff tanking it, I had opted for a lower than usual shutter speed expecting the train to be accelerating away from a booked stop in Abbotswood loop, in the event it missed the stop and screamed through at speed, at 100% crop the front end isn't a crisp as it should be. 5Z11 11:15 Derby - Laira 03/12/07.
  47375 - 47237 at Norton   47375 came to grief on 10th June 2008, just south of Cheltenham while working 6Z44 Cardiff Tidal - Handsworth scrap move. At the same time 47237 was in the area with a coach move and was called to assist its failed class mate. The move is seen here passing Norton Barracks heading to Worcester Shrub Hill. Whatever problems 47375 had encountered were presumably rectified as 47237 and is barrier coach headed south soon after and 47375 was reported to be heading to Handsworth with its train latter in the afternoon.
  47828 - Spetchely   47828 passes through Spetchley with 6V95 10:25 Stockton - Cardiff Tidal scrap on 4th June 2008.
  47818 Bromsgrove   47818 & 57006 head 6Z72 10:25 Stockton - Cardiff Tidal through Bromsgrove. 08/05/08.
  47727 - Worcester   My first shot of a Colas loco, 47727 'Rebecca' is seen recessing in Worcester yard with 87022, 87028 & 87010 in tow for export to Bulgaria. The train ran as 0Z48 16:06 Long Marston - Crewe. 02/09/08.
  47727 - Croome   Just over a month later and 47727 was involved in another stock move from Long Marston. Having moved a rake of Mk II stock into LM in the morning the loco was then used to move four Freightliner coal hoppers to Stoke Gifford. After two attempts on the day, one of the inward move and one of the outbound trip at Lower Moor the sun played ball at Croome after the loco had ran round the stock at Worcester. 6Z47 Long Marston - Stoke Gifford. 03/10/08.
  47375_Evesham   47375 heads into Evesham station with 5Z60 11:00 Oxley - Long Marston on 16/01/09.
  47739_47727_Beny_Heath   A wider view of 47375 as it heads into Evesham station with 5Z60 11:00 Oxley - Long Marston on 16/01/09.
  47739_47727_Elford   47739 & 47727 haul 6Z48 Burton - Dollands Moor steel out of the loop at Elford. 19/03/09.
  47739_47727_Dorridge   47739 & 47727 haul 6Z48 Burton - Dollands Moor through Dorridge. 26/03/09.
  47760_Defford   47760 5Z12 13:24 Eastleigh - Worcester SH tour ECS. Defford. 27/03/09.
  47760 - Purton   47760 1Z57 06:25 Skegness - Cardiff. Purton. 30/05/09.
  47739 - Aynho   47739 6Z47 Burton - Dollands Moor. Aynho. 30/07/09.
    47739 6Z47 Burton - Dollands Moor. Appleford station. 20/08/09.
    47848 and 47839 pass Bentley Heath with Burton - Dollands Moor empty steel. 10/09/09.
    47813 heads 6Z48 Gloucester - Long Marston through Lower Moor Pershore. The wagons were IZA's which had originated at Bescot and where LM bound for modifaction work to take place. 01/11/06.
    47769 47749 6Z47 Burton - Dollands Moor. Elford 19/11/09.
47749 - Lower Moor   Colas Rail 47749 passes through Lower Moor (Nr Pershore) with 6Z47 13:10 Long Marston - LLanwern conveying KIA steel wagons out of store on 09/02/10. The background to this shot has been changed by the new tomato growing green houses which have spoiled the shot a little, the dark sky made up for it on this occasion.
  47787 - Cheltenham   47787 'Windsor Castle' and 47826 top & tail 1z51 06:25 Skegness - Oxford. Cheltenham 17/04/10.
    47739 4Z47 Chaddesden - Long Marston. Lower Moor. 21/04/10.
  47810 - Lower Moor   47810 heads 5Z38 12:35 Long Marston - Derby on 30 April 2007.
  47739 - Standish   47739 4Z47 - Gloucester New Yard - Eastleigh. Ex Fastline wagons for store passes Standish Junction running over 30 mins late on 13/04/10.
  47739 - Aldington   47739 6Z47 05:05 Doncaster - Long Marston. Aldington (Evesham) 16th June 2010.
  47739 - Aldington   47739 6Z48 13:10 Long Marston - Doncaster Decoy. Aldington (Evesham) 16th June 2010.
47500 - Lichfield   47500 the former celebrity 'Great Western' passes through Lichfield with 5Z93 11:20 Eastliegh - Carnforth WCRC ECS on 25th October 2010.
  47727 'Rebecca' passes Lower Moor with 5Z47 13:00 Long Marston - Eastleigh stock move comprising of ex First Great Western 'Motorail' vans on 8th Feb 2011. The last time I photographed this stock was when FM Rail where running a car service to and from Long Marston in November 2006 and the traction then was 47145 as seen here.
  47727 'Rebecca' passes Eckington with 5Z47 13:00 Long Marston - Eastleigh on 8th Feb 2011.
  47826 heads 'The Statesman' away from Worcester Shub Hill at Rainbow Hill Tunnel on 16th April 2011. The tour ran as 1Z34 07:35 Gloucester - Carlisle and had 57601 at the rear.
    47810 & 47501 head the Cruise Saver Express 'Boat Train' taking cruise passengers from Edinburgh to Southampton docks running as 1Z47 05.43 Edinburgh - Southampton, this was the first revenue earning working for 47810 under DRS ownership and on arrival the locomotive was named 'Peter Bath MBE 1927-2006' the nameplate can be seen covered at the leading end of the loco. 19th April 2011.
    Less than a month after the above photo was taken 47810 & 47501 once again head the Cruise Saver Express 'Boat Train' taking cruise passengers from Glasgow to Southampton docks running as 1Z49 05.45 Glasgow Central - Southampton. South Moreton 9th May 2011.
    47790 'Galloway Princess' & ex works 47832 'Solway Princess' both resplendent in Northern Belle livery speed through Lichfieid Trent Valley with 5Z56 09:25 Eastleigh - Crewe ECS on 24th August 2011. I haven't seen 47790 in some years so I had a trawl through my notes to find out the last time that I set eyes on her and it was in April 2004 when I photographed her in one of the bay platforms at Crewe where 790 was on loan from EWS and acting as Virgin thunderbird.
    Cotswold Rail owned 47309 sits at Gloucester on 13th May 2008 in the company of an ex RES 'Super GUV' mail van, the locomotive to the right is 47375 in Advenza blue livery. 47309 was cut up by T J Thomson at Stockton in February 2009.
  47739_47727_Beny_Heath   47739 & 47727 pass Bentley Heath with 6Z48 Burton - Dollands Moor steel. 12/03/09.
    47727 'Rebecca' tops 56094 at Up Hatherley with 6Z53 Gloucester - Carlisle timber train on 29th Sept 2012.
    47841 and 47802 power 1Z61 05:50 Edinburgh to Southampton Western Dockse Cruise Saver Express 'Boat Train' through Hatton on 27/09/11.
47818 and 47802 power 1Z62 05:50 Edinburgh to Southampton Eastern Dockse Cruise Saver Express 'Boat Train' through Lea Marston on 06/10/11.
    47739 'Robin of Templecombe' passes Barrow on trent with 6M08 11:52 Boston Docks - Washwood Heath steel on 13/01/12.
  A quick chase from Barrow on Trent to Elford provided another opportunity to capture the working, seen entering the loop at Elford.
  47375 leads a failed HST set through Badgworth on 15th April 2008. The train ran as 5Z74 1137 Worcester Shrub Hill - Bristol St Philips Marsh and the HST power cars were 43069 & 43196.
  47739 heads through Chellaston with 6E07 11:51 Washwood Heath - Boston Docks empty steel on 22/05/12.
    47851 is seen struggling up the Lickey incline at Pikes Pool with 47854 on the rear with 1Z94 07:11 Bristol - Carlisle Statesman on 26th May 2012, the train was crawling up the bank at around 10MPH.
    47805 passes through Spetchly with 1Z25 06:53 York - Bath Spa Northen Belle on 30/06/12.
    DRS 47790 'Galloway Princess' speeds through Defford Worcestershire with 1Z26 17:55 Bath Spa - York Northern Belle on 30/06/12.
    47828 heads 1Z40 Manchester Victoria - Kensington Olympia Northern Belle trough Tamworth on 7th January 2012.
    47828 departs Great Yarmouth with 5V28 16:25 Great Yarmouth - Norwich Crown Point on 28th July 2012.
    47739 heads through Hinksey with 6Z81 11.30 Washwood Heath - Whitemoor OTP move which took a very indirect route via London & West Anglia, the consist was a new looking Colas crane with match wagons. 23/11/12.
    47727 heads through Chellaston with 6E07 11:51 Washwood Heath - Boston Docks empty steel on 05/12/12.
    47580 'County of Essex' heads over the Worcester & Birmingham Canal in Worcester with 5Z39 1305 Worcester Foregate Street to Worcester L.M.D. ECS from an earlier railtour that had terminated at Worcester Foregate Street. 01/06/13
    47749 heads through Barrow Upon Trent with 6E07 Washwood Heath - Boston Docks empty steel on 02/05/13.
    47790 1Z12 07:07 Liverpool Lime Street - Cardiff Central - Wistanstow 20/04/13.
    47739 heads downgrade through Bromsgrove with 5Z42 12:32 Ilford EMD - Long Marston on 08/07/13
47727 passes thorugh Leominster with 6Z51 Baglan Bay to Chirk Kronospan loaded timber on 16/07/13.
    DRS 47853 & 47805 power away from Worcester Shrub Hill 1Z71 06:35 Swindon - Carlisle Pathfinder tour on 17th May 2014.
    47786 'Roy Castle OBE' heads through Salwarke with 1Z15 06:00 Hereford - Weymouth. At 06:55 this shot was only just coming out of shadow even on summer solstice - 21st June 2014.