31106 & 31105 at Slitting Mills   'Skin Head' class 31's 31106 (leading) & 31105 pass the foot crossing at Slitting Mills Farm, Renishaw with the 4Z07 Derby - Doncaster - Derby test train on 6th April 2006. The train worked an intensive diagram during the day allowing for a number of shots around the Doncaster & Chesterfield area.

The driver of 31601 gives a friendly wave as it heads through Abbotswood topping 56311 with a late running 6Z34 13:23 Cardiff Tidal - Stockton Thomson empty scrap. The working utilised the recently refurbished rake of scrap wagons that DCR have taken delivery of. This is the first time that I have photographed a class 31 on a freight train in 6 years, the last one being the same loco back in its Wessex pink livery days when I photographed it on the FM Coal trial, 6 years ago almost to the day, a photo of which is here.

31602 - Whycnor Jnct   31602 & 31465 1Q06 17:18 Derby RTC - Selhurst Network Rail Structure Gauging Train. Wichnor Junction. 17/08/09

In low evening sun 31601 & 31602 pass through Norton, Worcestershire with 5Z20 08:58 Kilmarnock to Laira. The train was conveying an overhauled FGW Mark III coach. The train had originally set off with a pair of HNRC class 20's but was booked an hour at Washwood Heath for a traction change where the 31's were added. 22/08/12.
        31106 - 31105 at Norton Jnc   The 4Z07 test train is seen here yet again, this time looking a lot cleaner and now with an additional coach in the formation. The 31's were predictably 31105 & 31106 again and on this occasion were running from Derby RTC to Old Oak Common via the Cotswold line. The pair are photographed at Norton Junction prior to obtaining the single line token to Evesham on 25th May 2006.
        31601 at Swindon   31601 'Mayor of Casterbridge' arrives at its destination with the Wessex Trains 2M84 13.20 Westbury to Swindon on 19th March 2005. Fragonset liveried 31459 is on the rear. This loco hauled diagram ceased soon after the shot was taken with the set being used on an as required basis with Wessex trains usually during busy summer weekends. This lasted until Wessex trains was absorbed into the new western franchise which became part of First Great Western in 2006.
        31601 - 31454 - Ryecroft Jnc  

FM Rail's first coal trial took place on 25th July 2006 with three Class 31's involved, here 31601 & 31454 head the return working 6F31 Rugely - Mantle Lane through Ryecroft Junction. The sun was just going in behind cloud when they appeared but the light held out just enough for a decent shot of what must be one of the workings of the year - unfortunately as could be expected from FM rail, the trial wasn't a success.

          31285 heads 3Z13 Tyseley - Bristol Kingsland Road test train through Eckington on 17/10/12.
        31601 - 31233 - Spetchely   31601 & 31233 pass through Spetchley in Worcestershire with 4Z08 08:55 Derby RTC - Bristol Barton Hill. I'd woken up to a winter wonderland just a few hours before this shot was taken on April 6th '08. By the time the peds arrived at 10:34 the snow had almost all gone and the cloud was starting to build up.
          31105 tnt 31602 pass Stoke Works with 1Z17 15:18 Derby RTC-Cardiff Canton 14th April 2008
          Network Rails 31233 tops 1Q06 15:50 Derby RTC - Cardiff Canton Structure Gauging Train as it waits at Worcester Shrub Hill for the line to Hereford on 22/02/10.
          31233 heads 4Z07 10.34 Derby R.T.C. - London Euston through Barby Nortoft on 15/03/2010.
        31106 31105 at Clay Cross  

31105 heads 4Z07 Derby - Doncaster - Derby test train on 6th April 2006 at Clay Cross

          31106 heads 3Q63 07:42 Bescot - Exeter test train through Tibberton, Worcestershire on 25th November 2010.
          31106 heads 3Z13 08:23 Derby RTC - Bristol Kingsland Rd through Littleworth, between Norton and Abbotswood Junction on 12/09/11.
          Having been pegged a short jog provided for a second shot of 31106 as it approaches Abbotswood Junction with 3Z13 08:23 Derby RTC - Bristol Kingsland Rd on 12/09/11.
        31106 - Fairwood Junc   31106 at Fairwood junction with 4Z10 11.03 Bristol Kingsland Road – Derby RTC Network Rail test train on 24/09/09
31106_Croome 31106 - 4Z08 12:17 Derby RTC - Laira TMD. Croome. 09/03/09.