Rail traffic to the former MoD site at Long Marston increased further in the later part of 2006 as a rail maintenance business started operating at the site. As a result a number of wagon moves started taking place. The first few trains to the site consisted of IZA's which were transported to Long Marston by Cotswold Rail, I understand that the wagons where having a number of modifications to enable them to carry car windscreens safely. In any event the traffic produced a welcome change from the Porterbrook coaching stock moves on the Cotswold line and provided the increasingly rare sight of class 47's powering freight trains. One of the first workings is photographed here on 1st November 2006 with 47813 'John Peel' in charge. The location is Lower Moor and the working ran as 6Z48 Long Marston - Gloucester although the trains final destination was Bescot.